Dear Resident,

After a week of disturbances in the running water service which the concessionaire company, Hidraqua, and the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell supply, we want to inform you of the situation from its origin and also of the planning which is scheduled in order to reach a definitive solution.

Upon arriving in government, we began work from the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell in order to be sure of new sources of water with a reasonable investment. The first idea was based on buying water from the La Comunidad de Regantes de Pedreguer (a group of well-holders), an option which is still being studied. The only drawback to this purchase is the transfer of this water, a transfer which is not difficult, because by using infrastructure from AMJASA (Javea) it could be viable, since they have a network of pipes between Pedreguer and Javea which could be connected, without great financial investment, to the network of the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell.

Faced with this situation, the Mayors of Teulada and Benitachell requested a meeting with with the Mayor of Javea and the AMJASA (Javea) technicians to put this proposal to them and to consider the possibility of bringing water from Pedreguer via their network of pipes, paying a maintenance or passage levy. In this meeting the AMJASA (Javea) technicians, who already knew our proposals, showed their UNWILLINGNESS, with the sole argument that it was going to cost us more to bring the water from Pedreguer via their network of pipes than the water that AMJASA (Javea) sold us themselves from their desalination plant.

In this same meeting we learnt that AMJASA (Javea) had cut the water which they sold to the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell, without any type of official communication, something we are still waiting for.

Faced with this serious situation, the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell has asked Hidraqua to study possible rights which may have been violated by this situation.
Immediately, the two Town Halls of Teulada and Benitachell called a cabinet crisis meeting, facing the absence of 2000m3 per day which are essential for the supply of tap water in both municipalities.

As from this time, quantity has been given priority over quality, in order to avoid water cuts and restrictions. Inactive wells have had to be put to work and extractions from other wells have had to be increased, in order to recuperate from our own resources the 2000m3/day that AMJASA (Javea) stopped selling to us.

Water cuts and restrictions will not occur now except in the event of a serious breakdown. Our deposits have recuperated their supply and work is currently being carried out so that our desalification plants work at full capacity, to avoid any parameters shooting up and the need to alert the population (and principally groups at risk due to their age) that certain levels (such as sulphates, chlorides etc.) have been exceeded. Hidraqua expects that all of these problems will be solved in a matter of days.

Currently, the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell and Hidraqua are working so that in the peak times of maximum consumption in August there should be no impact and the summer season can go by without any problems. Also, work is being done in the search for new wells and new infrastructures are being planned so that the Water Consortium of Teulada-Benitachell can be self-sufficient and initiating studies and projects with the Town Hall of Benissa to probe and find water resources in the area of La Pedrera / The Polvori

To sum up, this is the work that we have been and continue to carry out as regards water in the little more than a month that we have been in government. We will maintain the committment to continue informing you about this issue, which is vitally important in our municipality.

Yours sincerely,


Carlos Linares Bañón

Alcalde de Teulada